At Phone Shak, we have been providing our customers with exceptional service and an unbeatable shopping experience for almost twenty years. Originally established in 2002, we are a family run business and constantly strive to provide our customers, both old and new, with the lowest prices and best deals across a range of incredible brands. Our vision is to become the UK’s leading online mobile accessories retailer, offering the latest mobile phones and providing the best accessories. Whether you’re after the latest handset, or looking for something completely different, we’re home to the future of technology, ensuring we can always offer a diverse range of products to suit each and every individual’s needs. Shop online or visit us in store for an incredible service, amazing brands and unbelievable deals. Our in-store advisers will offer a warm welcome and will personally ensure that you leave with the best product for you, at the very best price.


Technology plays an important role in our lives today more than ever. We provide the vital technology our customers need, to keep them connected and to be more productive every day at work and in personal life. Customers find technology exciting, but also confusing and expensive, and we know customers value help to choose, afford and enjoy technology, throughout their lives. No one is better placed than us to help customers do all this, with the products and capabilities that we have. Our strategy sets out to build on those strengths to help everyone enjoy amazing technology. We exist to help everyone discover technology and there is no one better than us at doing this.


At Phone Shak, we’re extremely proud of our reputation as a leading UK mobile phone retailer and accessories provider that not only provides customers with the best products, but also listens and delivers what customers want time and time again. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and focus on selected products to combine them with unbeatable prices and service. We are obsessed with making the customer experience of shopping with us easier through resolving queries and issues. We aim to build a reputation for consistency and reliability and give customers fewer reasons to shop elsewhere. Through our services, we help customers get the most out of their tech, throughout the life of the product, from connect, protect, to maintain and repair. We aim to strengthen what we already have and better our services for a means of making our customer relationships even more valuable. Our committed and capable team is our greatest advantage as we take on any challenge and respond to strong demand with innovative supply solutions. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and we aim to provide accurate and useful product advice to customers through our website. If you feel you need a little extra help in selecting a handset or accessories, our customer service team are on hand to assist whatever your needs might be. We will make every possible effort to understand your needs and identify a resolution. Choose from protective cases, chargers, screen protectors, and more. All come with 30 day money back guarantee so you’re ensured of absolute peace of mind following your purchase.


We’ve put our continued success down to our knowledge of what consumers and businesses need, together with our world class customer service and having a wide range of exciting products to offer. As a company, we are dedicated to constant innovation to enhance everyone’s experience with Phone Shak, and it’s thanks to the relationship we have with our customers that we are able to understand and continue providing the best services ensured through the continuous development of our website to offer features based on customer feedback. Thanks to our excellent relationship with our suppliers and our dedicated team of product experts, we are able to innovate and offer our customers an unparalleled product range of accessories and gadgets for all the latest devices.


It’s not all about products and services; at Phone Shak we go further to ensure our customer’s security is paramount and we will always offer ethically responsible ways of connecting people.

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